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::The Shamashutah Incense::

Made over the December '18 New Moon, Shamashutah Incense is a programmed incense for those desiring the reversal/undoing of something. Used for getting rid of negative energies/entities and unnecessary attachments, Shamashutah Incense should be used on a waning lunar phase.

Shamashutah will cleanse your personal space and also the space around you. Shamashutah should be used solely on a waning moon as it is programmed for this part of the lunar phase. 

To burn it, you can use an electric burner on over charcoal.

You can even carry this incense in your purse in the pouch I give you, or in the screw top jar to give you protection throughout your day.

Shamashutah is incredibly pungent and is a wet incense/bakhoor with smouldering earth aroma's, infused with many raw resins and ingredients so expect even without burning it to be very prominent in your home! 

From my hand to yours,

Shamashutah Incense

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