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Haunted. That was how the frumpy and naive personal assistant Bonnie de Haro felt when she first laid eyes on the handsome and powerful Marcos Almeida. A very married mogul, he whisked her away into worlds that she never dare dream of. 
...This is a story of where the fine lines between work and pleasure become blurred... 
Behind the glitz and glamour of the Almeida billionaire lifestyle, there was Bonnie. Behind the marriage of April and Marcos Almeida, there was Bonnie. And behind the deepest, darkest secrets of them all, there was Bonnie.

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The twist of a seemingly normal life. The year, 1919. Basil, a young man from London Town is thrust into a life that even he could not imagine in his wildest dreams. Everything he once believed to be real, is not. Everything that he thought he was, he is not. His whole world, dragged up from under him, into something much grander, much stranger than he could have ever possibly believed. A test of courage. Of strength. Of sheer faith in the unknown for the sake of survival. To caress the fringes of an unearthly love, and to plummet the depths of unspeakable fears, Basil reveals to not only himself, but to the world around him, the true nature of his existence, and the essence of life itself. This is the story of the Erunasis Medallion.

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Cosmocraft: A Practical Guide To Manifesting The Life You Dream is a no frills, comprehensive guide that will teach you how to manifest anything you desire, based on the schematics of quantum theory, and how existence actually operates. It is a step-by-step guide to showing you how to clear and prepare yourself for this type of esoteric work, and ultimately gives the reader instruction of how to implement the techniques described and outlined into every day life. Dream big, for you deserve it all! 

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