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Introducing  Fazagah Talismans tailored for your requests! 


Programmed and charged with you in mind, your talismans are your quick fix answer to immediate results. 


Each talisman is custom made for your circumstances and desires. 


A Fazagah Talisman is based on Old World  Sumerian custom and used in the times of Hammurabi of the 1st Babylonian Dynasty. 


Use these talismans for good luck, for fortune, protection, ridding negativity, good health or anything that you desire. 


Carry with you in your bag, tie up in your car, or put somewhere in your house in a doorway, under your pillow or wherever you feel it is needed.


Under no circumstances should the wax seal be broken. If broken, the talisman is no good and must be disposed of.


May this talisman bring exactly what you desire into your life.


Blessings from my hand to yours

~ Andulairah 


Old World Fazagah Talisman

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