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Introducing Nebfeset : Incense/Bakhoor!

28g/1 Oz

Made over the January '16 new moon to full moon, Nebfeset Incense is a programmed incense for those wishing and desiring more protection in their lives.


Whether you wish for more protection around yourself and your family, around your home and your sleeping space, or just protection in general.

Burning this incense will unleash protection in the place/or on the person you desire. Burn this in corners of your house (negative energy likes to dwell in corners) or at any entrance to your home. To burn it, you can use an electric burner on on charcoal.


You can even carry this incense in your purse in the pouch I give you, or in the screw top jar to give you protection throughout your day. It is incredibly pungent with smouldering earth aroma's, infused with many raw resins and ingredients so expect even without burning it to be very prominent in your home!


From my hand to yours, ~Andulairah 

Nebfeset : Incense/Bakhoor for Personal Protection

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