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distance healing & Prayer 
(absentee healing)


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distance healing is a form of healing that is done over distance, also known as absentee healing. It involves calling on the power of God & Lord Jesus, and directing it to anyone, anything, anywhere over the planet. If you desire distance healing, I will conduct the healing to you once a day, over a 7-day period. Please send me feedback after the 7 day period.

Please note: I, (andulairah), am not the one doing the healing, and only direct the healing energy where it needs to go.

as a disclaimer, I am not a medical professional, so please seek medical advice if you need it. I do not claim to cure anything.

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feedback from people who have received distance healing

King's Mom, USA

Thank you, I did notice an improvement almost immediately. In general, I’d say it’s been a positive experience and am actually considering doing another seven days. Thank you so much.

Jessica S., USA

Thank you so very much! Yes! I did feel some tingling sensation in my ovaries/tubal regions. My partner has been more sexually active towards me ALL week long. More than ever before and we've been together for almost 6 years! I knew I was holding lots of trauma in my reproductive organs due to being sexually abused as a child. I've been following you on youtube for years and was beyond excited to buy a healing handkerchief from you! Blessings my dear friend and thank you for taking the time and energy to help me heal from so many years ago. 🙏🏻 Jessica

Max H. Florida, USA

You have helped me realize some good things in the course of our exchanges. There is one, however, that I am particularly eager to share with you. I suppose it must have been the experience you speak of.

This particular experience, I was thoroughly enjoying the meditative state I found myself in. Two hours had passed, but time seemed to warp around me, with each hour seemingly compressing into what felt like a mere fifteen minutes.


Suddenly, out of the blue, I sensed a presence, a feminine entity radiating softness and tenderness, emanating a sort-of maternal warmth. I felt as if she was there with me, observing me in a way that was soothing rather than invasive. Puzzled, I found myself questioning, "Who is this?". The idea of you had NOT even crossed my mind at that moment. At this point, my curiosity began to morph into excitement. Could this be an ET reaching out? I'd reached out to P'nti many times before, seeking a shared meditative experience.


Quickly I will share this 'other' experience of meditating where i think a Pnti joined. I suddenly saw a totally unique looking, vertically long torso, ant-like, greyish, pronounced rib cage, in white silky, kind of lacy clothing, Lol, just sayin, an extraterrestrial sitting there, a comfortable distance away in my minds-eye, she had a smirk on her face as I said "OH SHIT" in my head; hahahaha. However, back to the story, this particular instance was unique, prompting me to explore visual impressions of the mysterious presence. An image formed, a luminescent, V-shaped light, akin to a fuzzy energy body. The light was primarily white, interspersed with hues of a golden yellow at the head region.


The figure seemed humanoid, energetic, female, seated upright with legs crossed [Andulairah confirms this was the position she was sitting in], emanating a unique energy. The feeling was friendly and comforting. It was at this moment the realization dawned on me: Andulairah!!! Upon returning my attention, the energy I perceived was unmistakably positive.


It was as if I was sitting with you in sub-space, an experience that brought a smile to my face. I thought to myself, "Wow, we did it! We're actually doing this! Look at us go!!!" I wanted to email you at that moment. The energy was unlike any I had ever encountered before, a unique resonance that filled me with joy. I am confident in the power of these practices, yet I also acknowledge that my understanding is still in its infancy—akin to a child navigating the playground.


The wonders and the magnitude of this realm are only just beginning to unfold before us. That's why it is essential for me to connect with others who share this interest, like YOU, in sub-space. It's through such connections and continuous practice that we can deepen our understanding and expand our capabilities. I hope to stay connected with you over email, occasionally, and in consciousness as a friend and as a donor.

"C", Australia

"C" has severe  systemic psoriasis and medications were failing to make any difference. Was affecting everyday activities, particularly itching episodes in bed at night. Topical creams were not making any difference.  "C" agreed to 2 weeks of distance healing, and the changes were felt almost instantaneously.  A general feeling of wellbeing was felt, even so much as to go out and start jogging. After 2 weeks of distance healing, "C" reported thaT THE FULL BODY RASH HAS CALMED DOWN TO OVER  70%. "C" is currently undergoing  2 more weeks of distance healing. after the 3rd week of healing, "C" sent a video of their legs and legs had no scabs, but just fresh pink  healthy skin where rash previously was.

Morgan, Australia

Thankyou so much for your healing. To be honest I didn’t really know what to expect for healing and It’s been a strange week for me. I feel like everything come to the surface in an abrupt but significant way. My anxiety heightened quite significantly for about a day or two but now it’s pretty much feels nonexistent. A lot of issues that my anxiety seemed to feed off have been brought to my attention this week and I’ve managed to find solutions so they don’t keep causing grief in my life. I also ended up getting sick with a cold and I had a pinched nerve in the back for a few days but I can say I’ve past it all now and I’m feeling good. The pinched nerve was bizarre for me as I’ve never had that before in my life [pinched nerves can represent a accumulation of energy needing to be released]. Thankyou again I’m my healing. I do really feel it has made a difference. It’s definitely something I’d do again in the future 😊 Xx

Amber, USA

When it comes to the healing I feel like it’s helping me to calm down and relax more. I feel more clear-headed. I feel like it’s helping me to not be so irritated at work, haha. When it comes to my connection to Bill I feel like I’m starting to come full circle on some things that have happened between us so that’s amazing too. I feel inclined to get more healings done as well so I’ll likely be sending in another donation soon. 😁☀️


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