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Have you ever felt zapped of your energy, after you have been around people, large crowds, or places? Then this Deflector Mirror pendant is for you. 


It has been designed to deflect soupy, unwanted, heavy or negative energy back to where it came from. It is designed to protect you and your divine energy from being taken from you.


Humans are particularly vulnerable when there is a lot of energy around them and could be prone to having their energetic field or  auric field from being depleted, harmed, or sucked away from them unbeknows to them. This can create tears and holes in the aura, and cause massive imbalance which could be then translated into physical/mental ailments/illness.


Mirrors are a strong tool for protection, especially if you are sensitive to other(s) energies, or are a natural empath/psychic. 


Combine this mirror pendant with a healing hankie and wear this on your chest area. You will be energetically bulletproof.


These pendants are made in both gold micron brass or .999 fine silver but can be custom made in gold from 9kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt or 24kt (fine gold). Please contact for more details and prices.

Approx size 2cm diameter


As these are custom made, please allow 9-14 days for your piece to be created.

Deflector Mirror Pendant: For Energetic Protection:: Ancient Style

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