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Al Ghazaal: The ultimate Exorcism, Banishing Kapet. 


This is the Kapet (Incense) is used for the exorcism, banishment and removal of hard, harsh, negative, attached and unwanted energies. 


Please use on a waning moon, and wherever you burn it, place it on the charcoal, electric burner, and open the window and close the door. Keep in a secure area because this will need to burn until it is done but I strongly urge you to not be in the room/area when this is burning. Please leave to its own devices. If you need to do this around a person, conduct ritual outside, with plenty of ventilation. 


WORD OF CAUTION: The ingredients used within Al Ghazaal could cause choking, coughing, sneezing, crying, hallucinations, transinducement, and burning in orifices. These are the physical symptoms.

Energetically, Al Ghazaal Kapet will heighten any negative energies, making them active, until they are depleted and exhausted of their reserves and are sucked out of the window, or opening. If the attachment is on someone, please use with caution.  It is best to leave the area alone, be it a room, car, house etc.... until it is full burned out. 


Side note: It is not entirely pleasant smelling.

Al Ghazaal : Exorcism Kapet/Incense

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