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COSMOCRAFT is a way of life for me. It governs everything I do, and is the source of all my success, passion and dreams manifesting into my physical reality. 


After much planning and requests from you all, I have finally put pen to paper and  have shared my secrets into the world of Cosmocraft, and have written a 'no frill's' guide on how you too, can apply Cosmocraft into your reality, and create the life you dream of for yourself.

 In addition to the Cosmocraft book, I will be offering  a workshop going into more detail into the teachings of Cosmocraft, which will be presented in a series of private videos, not available to the public. They will be available for download on the date the workshop will be commencing, and is of a value of $99.

If you would like to sign up for the Cosmocraft workshop, please click the link below:

Sign Up for Cosmocraft Workshop

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