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Straight from El Noor Gardens!
Net weight 30g


Ultra Hydrating Rose Night Cream: Natural Beauty, Old Recipe

This rich night cream gives visible hydration for moist, dewy skin. It is made with the persian roses of El Noor Gardens, giving you the luxurious benefits of the rose, providing intense moisturizing throughout the night, revitalizing your skin & restoring its natural balance. Gentle Nurturing of the skin & connectedness Mother Earth is integral for the Heart & Soul. 

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Rose & Tuberose essential oils, Rose Petals, Raspberry Seed & Argan Oils.

Also can be applied to the decolletage or wrist area, as the aroma is very pleasant and highly floral. 
This has soft granulation (due to rose petals) and will be great for gentle exfoliation also. 

Ultra Hydrating Rose Night Cream: Natural Beauty | Old Recipe

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