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Introducing "The Arramu" Old World Bespoke 18K Gold Pendant


A timelss, bespoke creation inspired by the time period of the Old Worlds. In Sumerian Cuneiform, Arramu translates to Love, and to me, this beautiful necklace repsrents the epitome of just that.

This has been a labor of love since its inception, all made by my hands, up until its completion, which I present to you now.


This Sumerian time period inspires me back to the ancient days when jewellery was made by hand, with all its beautiful imperfections and blemishes, adorned with precious gems. 



Length of Necklace: 25"

17.5 Carats White Opal (Andamooka, South Australia)

68 Akoya Fresh Water Pearls

18k Yellow Gold



Opal is a stone of sympathy and compassion, pure thoughts  and confidence. It is the most unpredictable stone, a symbol of ever-changing fortune. The name "opal" originated from Sanskrit 'upala' which means "jewel". Colors of Opal are very diverse (almost all colors of the spectrum), and thus, there are over 100 color varieties of Opal. When submerged in water, some varieties of Opal become semitransparent. Opals have been known to humanity since at least 250 B.C.


18k Yellow Gold: 

Ruled by: Sun

Energy: Projective

Element: Fire

Gold is linked with divinity, and Sun Gods. It can be used for healing, protections, wisdom and success.

Deities: Ra, Universal lifeforce , Zeus, 


Should you wish the pendant to be made in a higher purity (e.g. 22k Yellow Gold or 24K Fine Gold), please contact me for further details.


For more details, please contact me.

May this piece of jewelry take you back to the Old Worlds,

Blessings and Radiance

~Andulairah xxx





Products will be posted via DHL or Platinum Express Australia Post, or a Hand to Hand Courier Service dependable on value of product.  All products are automatically insured. Please note that whilst the shipping agent may seek to deliver to you, another adult’s signature may be accepted by the shipping agent for delivery.





International purchases over US$500 are shipped via a reliable courier service and are subject to a shipping charge. Upon confirmation of an order, I will provide an indicative delivery date and the cost of shipping. You are liable for any local taxes, customs or duties applicable in the country of import. I do not accept responsibility for any packages retained for customs inspections and delays caused thereafter.

'The Arramu' Old World 18K Yellow Gold Pendant

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