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Smudge sticks for those that need cleasing, Balancing & Alkalizing.

Smuge over body, corners, cars, and houses.



These smudges are Rosemary & Lavender


Rosemary has long been used in esoteric and ritual work due to its purification potency, used in exorcisms and smouldered in order to alkalise negative energies.

Place some rosemary under your pillow at night and it will help you have a sound sleep and keep away nightmares. Put it under your bed and it protects you from all harm through the night.

Hang it outside of your house and it will stop thieves coming to your door.

If you wish to receives answers to questions, burn some rosemary on some charcoal and smell its smoke.

It is one of the oldest incenses in world history.


Magickal Properties:

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Gender energy: Masculine

Uses: Protection, Purification, Exorcism, Sleep aid, healing, mental clarity.


Lavender throughout the ages has been used in love and lust spells and different types of esoteric work

Burning lavender induces a peaceful nights sleep, rids the mind of negativity and promotes serenity in the home. Rub it on your body to attract the love you desire in your life!

It promotes happiness and longevity and is believe that the more you smell it- the more you will prolong your life.


Magickal properties:

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Gender Energy: Masculine

Uses: Purification, protection, happiness, longevity

Smudge Stick: Cleanse, Alkalize & Balance!

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