This spell is for those that are desiring serious results. 

The Ammon-Shur Spell is the spell of spells.

A customised spell, tailored to your desires, it lasts for 6 nights. All instructions will be provided on what you must do, and what is needed, as well as the prepartions before conducting this spell. 

Biological tools (e.g. hair & and nail) is needed for this spell.


This spell is best effective when the moon is waxing.

Once purchased, please send an email to me: explaining to me your situation and what your desired outcome is. 

I will then tailor this spell according to your desires.

Please allow up to a week for this spell to be prepared for you. 

Contrary to what some may believe, I will not be conducting this spell for you. You MUST do this yourself.


There is also an option that my own hair (yes, Andulairah's hair) can also be included in your spell preparations, to act as an enhancer for your desired results. If you do not wish for this, please specifiy in the options.


Think thoroughly before purchasing this spell, writing down your exact desires/affirmations that you wish before making the decision to go ahead with this. Once the spell has been customised and program according to your desires, there is no going back!



The Ammon-Shur Custom Spell

AU$350.00 Regular Price
AU$297.50Sale Price
  • All spells/potions are non-refundable, non-returnable.