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This is the purest black kohl eyeliner based on a thousand year old, Middle Eastern recipe which dates back to the times of Saladin. This old recipe has perpetuated down the ages and is still used by those embracing the traditional ways of the Middle East who live in the desert or are richly absorbed in the culture.

This rich, Kohl eyeliner is used by desert bedouins as an eye salve to whiten the eyes, combat sand flies, harsh sun glare and of course those nasty eye parasites. It is also used for cosmetic purposes by those who wish to have an exotic, long lasting eyeliner that is waterproof, enhances eye beauty, whilst also taking care of the eyes and eye area.

Made with only the purest ingredients and prepared specifically in copper and bronze dishes - this is not only the blackest and long lasting eyeliner, but it is also the healthiest. 
It is 100% Vegan.

Ancient Kohl Eyeliner 50 g

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