Witchcraft: A lifelong quest for Peace & Order

Ambridge Rose Saying Hello in the Winter Solstice

Greetings Great People of Earth,

Many of you have written to me asking how is it possible to create or maintain peace and order in this day and age.

I get it- life can be tough, you are dealing with constant daily grind, and at the end of the day, some of you are lucky to have a spare 5 minutes to yourself to just sit down and relax..... .... before you have to wake up and do it all over again.

Taking up an esoteric life forces one to make changes and adopt a different approach to life. A 'witchcraft' life, thrusts one into nature. It shows the true order of the natural world, and how everything already works. There is harmony that is perfected, and a symbiotic relationship between all kingdoms and species which is implausibly refined.

Farmer ants with their flock of Aphids

Nature, in all its splendour, is the ultimate healer, the teacher, the nurturer, and the best 'best friend' anyone could ever dream to have. You don't even have to be a witch, or a pagan, or anyone at all to appreciate the deeply personal relationship nature is yearning to gift you with. And it can begin with the smallest act of planting a seed or smelling a flower, but when one does become immersed in the natural ways of life, you do learn about the love Gaia has for herself as a planet, and also the love she has for you too. Give her a chance and she will provide you with a love so loyal, that you will find it is the closest thing to that cosmic, unconditional kind of love that governs the Universe. The secrets of Creation mirrors itself in everything we see....

Life, in all its complexities, is innately simple. There is a continuum cycle that has existed forever and nothing we do can change that. We enter, we live, we die, we exit. Repeating over and over again. Humans have become the glitch in this natural order. We are the most disruptive and chaotic species on the planet because we have become so removed from the natural order. In order to bring back peace and order, one must return to simplicity. Have money issues? Sort them out. Pay your debts, make yourself clear, and do not bite off more than you can chew. Have a plan. If you don't have one, make one. Create a routine. Perhaps it might be making your bed in the mornings, or perhaps its using cloth napkins and candles at the dinner table.

Creating simplicity brings organisation into your life, and organisation begins to free you up and create time for yourself. When you have time to devote to peace and order, your life will soon become one of peace and order.

Yet it is safe to say, we are all going to be thrown curve balls, and joker cards throughout our whole life long, but once you already have the foundation of peace and order in your life, it makes all this other whammo, so much, much easier to deal with and to handle it accordingly. Everything is put into perspective, and we can see what is triggering it, causing it and move through it much more effectively. You just don't bite and bark

as much as you used to, once you have peace and order. Truly. Peace and order IS created by adopting a more simple life, and moreover, a life blended with nature. How can we be so seperate from something that is so akin to us, that is us? Well we've done a good job of that separation, us Earth humans.

Andulairah enjoying the rainforest

The answers to the nature of reality, the intimate knowledge of Universal Creation that you seek, is within your present experience. It will not be found outside of you. but inside you, through you, and through the world you know. And Planet Earth is the world that we know. For now...

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