Why Timing With Magick Is Important

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On this dark and cool evening, I would like to discuss the importance of timing when it comes to practicing magick.

The basis of time has derived from the fundamental rhythms of the great Planet Earth, in conjunction with the four main elements: Earth, Air, Fire & Water, and of course, encapsulated by the great Mother Spirit.

Magick, in all its wonder & splendour, works with both timing and the elements.

Enjoying the rise of the Full Moon at my home tonight.

The reason timing is important is due to these rhythmic cycles. There is an incredible marriage between everything upon the Earth, and everything coexists harmoniously. One only needs to watch the ants, or observe the life cycles of a seed morphing into a plant. Everything is done with an intimate discrimination that defies anything in our spoken language. An untold knowing. An innate pulse within.

And anything that does not coexist is disrupted and eventually pushed out- and that includes us. We are the only life forms upon the planet that have become separated from this innate pulse so rampant within all.

Timing affects everything. And tonight, I want to talk about the timing of the Moon.

The glorious moon has been in our skies for a long time. Without it, we would not exist.

Not only is there an energy that emanates from the moon constantly that all sentient lifeforms identify with, but at specific times, the moon affects sentient life forms differently. These specific time differentiations of the moon is called the lunar phase.

The Complete Lunar Phase

The Lunar Cycle can be broken down into several categories as you can see above.

When it comes to conducting Occult & Magickal practices, specific esoteric practices such as spell craft, prayer, intention and rituals are enhanced when performed according to the Lunar Phase. Others, are dissolved and alkalised.

And let me tell you why.

We are affected by the gravitational pull of the Moon. Even though our blessed, radiant sun is larger and has more gravity, our Moon is closer to us, and therefore we are naturally 'pulled' toward the gravitational force of the Moon.

The energy force within us is naturally pulled upwards when the New Moon to Full Moon Lunar Phase is occurring. And from the Full Moon to the next succeeding New Moon, our energy force is drawn back toward the Earth. This not only happens to us, but to all lifeforms upon and within Planet Earth.

The sap of plants is naturally pulled upwards on a Waxing Moon. This is why performing any gardening on fruit trees for example, or planting seeds, it should be done between a New Moon to Waxing Full Moon. Its the time when the Earth "Exhales", when water and minerals are drawn up through the soil.

On a clairvoyant thought, at the time of the Full Moon, I see the aura of the trees around my home extend over a meter high, reaching out and upwards toward the heavens. Its a beautiful thing.

Ever heard of people going crazy on a Full Moon? Of course you have! Its when energies are heightened and people do crazy things. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. It is a wonderful thing when humans can understand this 'heightened energy' and do great things with it.

The Full Moon to New Moon is when the Earth 'Inhales' and everything is drawn back into the Earth. It is a time for reflection, a time for clearing out with the old, cutting ties, moving on, alkalising, for example.

In the Plant kingdom, it is a time for harvest, weeding, pruning and in the Animal Kingdom it is a time of shedding and retreat.

The Lunar Phase affects everything.

Moon & Earth's Horizon 2010

So when it comes to the esoteric goods such as spells and potions in my store, you will see that there are little instructions telling you of when to use these Magickal products and when to perform spell craft . It makes ALL the difference. And combine that with your energy, belief and your power? Well that makes for one potent mix!

Blessings & Radiance



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