Time To SOW

Yes, thats right. It is time sow those dreams and desires into the etheric earth. Today is July 15th 2018, and the Lunar Phase is 6% Waxing Crescent. So basically its the new moon.

This it the time, to put down all that you desire on paper (preferably moon/sun paper) and either stick in the ground, or burn it during your rituals. The main thing is, is that you do it no later than when the first quarter Lunar Phase is over .

So all those things you've ever wanted, the things you dream about, long for, now is the time to plant them in your cosmic garden. Give them life, water them, nurture them, and then let them go on their own journeys once you have done all the preparations. You see why I love gardening so much??!!

Believe in the forces of the Higher, and you will receive what you desire. Doubt it, and you not only doubt yourself and your own abilities, but what you desire, will not come to fruition.

You don't need to know when, or how your desires will come to pass. So long as you know they will and are, thats all there is to it. Be patient. Leave the fine detail to the Higher Forces, and all will be as it should be.

This is why we practice magick, because we believe in the Higher Force. We know we make our dreams come to pass. We know we manifest all that we desire. Magick, in all its fundamental beauty, is scientifically 'keyed' to work with the Higher Forces, and those of us practicing for many years, are living testaments that it is the true nature of existence.

May all you dream big, thrive and prosper.




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