Get Your ground on.

Who would've thought that getting grounded would be a great thing? As a kid, I spent many weeks getting grounded for being naughty. When I heard the words that "I was grounded"... it wasn't a good thing. But now getting grounded is a great thing.

In a world full of new age razz and tazz, you can find all sorts of goodies to help aid in grounding yourself, yet more often than not, you can find the tools you need right in the realm of your own home or backyard- and they don't cost a thing: Rocks

We're in the age of high flying tech savviness. We have artificialness everywhere. Apps, appliances, EMF's , TV, cellphones, gadgets, cellphones, gizmo's and cellphones (wait, did I mention cellphones?) ... the list is endless. Our poor bodies, as delicate and gentle as they are in their highly discriminate design, are having a hard time coping with the ever-evolving tech age.

People find themselves burning out, quite literally and as a result, are not creating/maintaining balance in their lives. The need to get grounded is more important than ever, and it can be achieved without having to spend $$$ to do so.

Rocks: They are everywhere. They may not be as pretty as crystals, but some are, and they are your best friend when it comes to grounding. They cost nothing and most of us, have rocks in our immediate environment. Pick some up and bring them into your home. Place them around your home where you feel intuitively inclined. Put them in pot plants to give you a double whammy of grounding.

Kids, you are totally grounded in this house.

They will earth your home, and you with it.

You can also put some on your bedside table when you sleep at night to allow their low level frequencies to keep you grounded when you sleep, giving you endless peaceful nights. Thanks to the electrical/electromagnetic frequencies bombarding your home and you too, humans are finding their sleep is restless, sporadic and not 'clean'. Rocks will fix that. Turn off all that you can electrically speaking when you sleep and let the rocks to the rest.

Crystals: When it comes to crystals, I look at them like the chargers. The enhancers. The cleansers. They are everywhere, and not just the pretty ones available online for big bucks. If you get to know your crystals, you will be surprised at what you may have in your local environment. And you can combine them with your rocks to enhance the grounding energy. Hematite is a wonderful grounding stone but is also a great stone for astral traversing. Quartz is your ultimate all-rounder crystal and can be used for just about any desire you have. Place it alongside your rocks to enhance.

The ultimate crystal to get charged up on.

If you want to take it one step further, you can always make rock grids out in your garden. Position the rocks in certain patterns or sequences to make an energy grid. The rocks (and Earth) will love you for it. For the ultimate grounding, take your shoes off, and connect with the Earth in your rock grid. Tell me how you feel after?

Choosing the time you do this can also greatly affect results. In my previous blog post of Why Timing With Magick Is Important, I mention how all the energy of objects on Earth are pulled toward the moon's gravitational field at certain times of the lunar phase. Getting your ground on at the waning end of the full moon would yield optimal results.

Creating a harmonious lifestyle and home environment can be very simple by making even the smallest of changes.

Blessings and good journeys,



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