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A Wintery Dampness

Greetings from a wintery El Noor!

Its been very cold and wet here over the past month of June, and quite surprisingly (a beautiful surprise actually) Mother Earth has given us some much needed rain. June, in this part of the world, is not usually a month that we receive rain here, so it is a blessing beyond measure, after such a hot and dry summer.

Many things have been going on here on my ancient lands here and the welcome winter has given me a chance to work on my beloved gardens. Fixing mini banks around each fruit tree, the planting in of garlic and more brassicas, more flowers of varying sorts and making more garden beds in general.

Many of you know I’ve had an ongoing issue with Mumma kangaroo & co., eating my garden. Well it may be too bold of me to say so right now, but it seems to be under control. I now feed them cardboard along with a bucket of water, and that suits them just fine. Actually something I come to learn about why kangaroos love cardboard as a food source has left me quite fascinated. I asked Spirit why they love the ‘board so much, and I thought perhaps its because there are simple sugars in it, but its not that. To us, cardboard would seem like a pointless food!

But to kangaroos, I found out that its everything. Cardboard, paper etc, contains cellulose. In a cow, for example, the organisms/bacteria in the rumen (found in their stomachs) convert the cellulose to provide most of the energy a cow needs, as cows cannot digest grass… but, stomach bacteria can. So when the cud is coughed up for the last time and the cow swallows it into the last stomach, it is hydrolyzed...and so that got me thinking. I know kangaroos have two stomachs, perhaps they are applying this very same principle also? Why else would they be eating it? I felt like I had a light bulb moment. So, since everyone is happy now….the real test is going to be in the summer. So long as I had the cardboard stacked high, we might avoid another demolishing of the garden for the Summer of ‘23/24.

Actually, Im writing this blog, laid up in bed right now. This has been a BIG lesson in me (of all people) reinforcing psychic protection. I went away for the weekend and had a bit of an experience. Friday night, I went out for a family members bday dinner at a pub.

As a psychic, Ive never done well in big crowds. I feel too much, and always feel so depleted after being around so many people—and on Friday night, it was no exception. In fact the worst Ive experienced. Due to the excitement and frivolities, and being around so many people, I had totally forgotten to wear a mirror in my bra, and set up protection for the night, before going to the pub. It was totally packed and people everywhere. Much too active for my liking. Dinner was 2 hours late, and by the time we got out to the bar space, it was after 9pm. We bumped into some old friends and one of them has severe parkinson’s disease. It has got progressively worse and its awful to watch. I hugged him, as you do when greeting old friends, and he would not let me go. We spent some time talking and then another long hug, and I had to leave—I was totally exhausted and felt the life sucked out of me. By the time we got on the road, we didnt arrive back home to my parents until just before midnight. I could feel the pangs psychically that I was going to wake up with a real hard time in the morning. I took some panadol, something I try and avoid, but anything to ease how I was feeling. I did ask Spirit for a cleanse before sleeping, but the cleanse wasn’t going to revitalise me—the damage was already done.

When I awoke the next morning, you guessed it, I felt like a walking time bomb. I took more panadol and could barely move. It felt like the worst hangover x 1000 (for someone that doesnt drink alcohol). A swollen face, throbbing head, vertigo, cold/hot spots all over me... I felt absolutely depleted and still had a 4 hour drive back to El Noor! I prayed to Spirit to give me the strength to get thru the drive, but it was hard. I got home in one piece, and in between unloading the car, had to lay down for a healing session on myself. I knew what had happened. The family friend who is suffering a great deal with Parkinson’s had inadvertently suck away my Lifeforce. His sick and suffering body automatically had an ‘exchange’ with mine, and me, not reinforcing any protection, gave it away freely. Laying down for the healing, I felt the breaks/holes in my auric field—they needed to be fixed immediately. I gave myself a 40 min session, and later on, gave myself another one that night for another 40 mins. Even after the first one I felt relief, but after the 2nd I felt fantastic, still tired, but much much better.

Now, my physical body is going thru a cleanse. I have had a sore, raw throat since Sunday night, temperature, heavy chest, dry & irritable cough, and lethargy but continue to do healings and feel the light of coming out on the other side of this. So please, take it from me and my lesson, all the empaths and psychics and energy workers out there, please always remember to protect yourselves. We are more sensitive than others to this energy. We are the anchors, the lightworkers who hold these frequencies and we must do more groundwork and protection than others. Im going to make a youtube video about this and how to protect yourself. I should call this family friend up and say “You’re welcome!!”

Self healing & self revitalization is a wonderful tool. It is very simple and can be done by anyone. Take a healing hanky with you and wear it on your body. Healing hanky’s will protect you from absorbing anyone’s illness/imbalances, whilst a mirror will deflect heavy/imbalanced energies. I am in the process of making mirrored pendants. I offer healing hanky’s on my website www.worldofehluuen.comwhich are charged of pure positive energy and then sent out to you anywhere in the world. You can send them back to me after they have been used up or feel empty and I can recharge them for you.

I now also offer Distance Healing at Distance healing is a form of healing that is done over distance, also known as absentee healing. It involves utilising the power of the God—the Divine source- the God power, and directing it to anyone, anything, anywhere over the planet.

If you desire distance healing, I conduct 7-day healing periods. So far, I have had some wonderful results with clients. I share some of these testimonies here.

I must mention here however, that I am not the one doing the healing. I am simply the facilitator of this Divine energy, and only direct the healing energy where it needs to go. I also do not charge for this service, as it is the Universal work of Spirit but ask in return, as a token of goodwill, a donation in exchange for my time that it takes me to conduct the healing on your behalf. Here is a video of me talking about the distance healing.

Ive also been busy making more lovely soaps, but have also finally added ‘magic moisturizer’…After haggling with myself about the packaging of it, I have for now, decided to keep it in plastic containers as it is easy access, large in size, and easily recycled. The moisturizer is approx 230ml. I hope you love it as much as I do. It is so soft, its like velvet, and for someone that is allergic to most things on the market, this is a dream. Im even allergic to make up wipes, so I use this moisturizer as a makeup remover. I use it to condition my hair, I use it for whatever takes my fancy. It has no preservatives so microwaving it every couple of weeks will neutralise pathogens/bacteria.

So for now, I will bid you a fond good day. The sun is finally out and my bones are needing some warmth and radiance.

Until next time xx

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